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The Scene : Tracie and Jocelyn – Two East Coast girls, a Newfoundlander and a Nova Scotian, cousins and best friends are sharing yet another cup of tea.

T: So. Blogging. Have you ever thought about it?

J: Yes. But I don’t think I’d have enough to write about.

T: My thoughts exactly.

This probably leaves you wondering how this blog came to exist. That’s not a terrible question for anyone who knows us – decision making is not an easy thing for either of us but we’re always up for a new challenge, especially when it involves taking time to procrastinate on an existing problem!

All silliness aside this blog started as a way to keep in touch with each other and our family as we rarely find ourselves in the same city. While taking on new adventures is exciting it is also alarming when nothing seems to be going right. Sometimes life sucks, and for us sharing the horrible is just as important as sharing the wonderful.

Speaking of wonderful – this is also a way to explore our current passions – food, travel, (and pets), an exercise in mindfulness – the ability to self reflect and acknowledge life’s joys and suckiness, and a way to delve creatively into new adventures – whatever comes our way. We’ll see where it takes us!

-The Deers, Tracie and JocelynAbout Oh Dear, DEER! Blog

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