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About The Deers

About the deers -Joce Deer

Joce Deer

I grew up on St. Margaret’s Bay in Nova Scotia, Canada, 30 minutes outside of the better known city of Halifax. Now I live 5 minutes outside of Halifax in a cozy 2 bedroom apartment with my boyfriend and cat, still within view of the ocean. When I am not working to pay my bills I enjoy reading, crafting, trying to keep plants alive, fuzzy socks, quotes, tea, avocados, thinking about making healthy food, curling up with my cat to watch a good show and occasionally yoga. My current hobby on the side is Alongshore Crafts; making soy candles, jewelry, paper crafts and more. Craft therapy is expensive.

I have a history of writing journals or starting stories and ripping them up (or deleting them) after re-reading them. The perfectionist in me always takes issue with what I have written. “It’s never good enough, it’s so terrible you can’t even fix it, no one will like what you wrote” then on to the “if you can’t do it right the first time why even bother”. I am sure many of you can relate; it makes it hard to get things done. This blog is partly an exercise in teaching my inner perfectionist to shut up; it’s important to share the good and the bad. Shared experiences are what life is all about! There is nothing better than when you are thoroughly enjoying or hating something and someone can share the same feeling/experience with you. It’s that “oh, you too!?!” moment, that can be the start of great connections.

I believe it is important to shake up the everyday in small ways and try to make people feel as awesome as they are. Some examples I use myself are:

Telling someone happy birthday repeatedly on their birthday, in as many avenues as possible, in case they forgot it was their birthday

Giving people unwanted animal nicknames as terms of endearment. My friend Abbey is called rabbit and pants, clearly the latter has nothing to do with animals and we have long forgotten where that ever came from in the first place, probably for the best

Calling people deer as a general term of endeerment, and replacing ‘dear’ with ‘deer’ whenever possible

Using non-traditional swear words to express yourself when you are upset. This started courtesy of my mother who is an elementary school teacher and therefore cannot swear in the classroom. Words like; doodle head, poodles, for cat sakes, oh deer -generally speaking it seems to be about animals

And thus Oh Dear, DEER was born….from wanting to share the funnies of life, a love of animals, and the shared experiences that make us feel like we are not alone in this crazy world. For me this blog is a reason to leave my cozy apartment, try new things, and figure out where I want to fit in the world.

Tracie Deer

About the deers -Tracie Deer

I am a displaced Newfie who has spent most of my life away from home. I’m originally from Whiteway, Trinity Bay, but haven’t lived in Newfoundland year-round since I was three, moving from NFLD to Ottawa to the Middle East, and back to Canada. Having spent the majority of my life away from home makes the time I get to spend there all the more special, it really is the greatest place in the world. Expect a post, or two about that… if you’ve ever been you’ll know what I mean!  

Growing up away from home is hard, but I wouldn’t trade the opportunities to travel and experience other cultures and parts of the world for anything. The travel bug bit me early and I look forward to being able to share my future (and past?) adventures with you! 

I’m also a total theatre geek. I went to university in Toronto to study theatre production, specifically management and lighting design. A life in the theatre turned out to not be my forever but a piece of my heart will always belong to Mamet, Hellman, Bond, Panych, MacIvor, and maybe even some Shakespeare… 

I met my fiance the summer before my last year of university while volunteering at a festival of theatre design in Prague. Since then, when I’m not traveling back and forth to visit him in Belgium, I’ve spent as much of my time back home in Newfoundland as possible, working over the last two summers at a restaurant that sells the best fish and chips. I also started a business degree part-time online that I’m working on finishing, as soon as I remember how to math! 

As long as I can remember I’ve been in the kitchen – cooking with my mother, making ice cream with my grandmother, or baking myself a batch of cookies after a particularly stupid day. The kitchen has always been my place to escape from whatever else is going on in my life – the satisfaction of knowing that your custard will thicken, and your dough will rise is the greatest feeling in the world. Even though I’ve always been a baker, it never occurred to me that there are people who go to work to make bread.

Enter – Pastry School…

I’ve always enjoyed writing and this blog started for me as a way to keep my family updated with my experiences, eating and traveling my way through Europe, as I head out onto my next adventure in France – a seven month pastry masterclass that will hopefully lead to a permanent move to Europe, well as permanent as any move has been in my life! 

Tracie and Joce

Two friends sharing a cup of tea, over skype, and blogging about life! With honesty, sarcasm and a dash of humour -sharing the good, the bad and the yummy!

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