Dear Time -A Love-Hate Relationship

Dear Time -A Love-Hate Relationship

Dear Time,

In short I would like to say; back up off me.

Explicit language withheld.


Time is a funny thing. It marches forward at a steady pace no matter the hour, the day or what you might be going through. We are gifted with time to accomplish our goals and work towards our dreams, yet it seems we never have enough of it. It thrusts us forward through life, sometimes against our will. Being grateful for the time we have is important but it can also be downright frustrating when it feels like the clock is constantly running out on you.

With so much going on around us today it’s easy to get distracted and get off course of what you wanted to be doing with your time. New obligations come up at a moment’s notice, the black hole of time that is the internet wastes away your days and someone else always seems to need you to attend to their list of needs. Just as you are gathering up what few minutes you have left to yourself something else comes along and rips them away.

I am slowly realizing all we can do is enjoy what time we do have to the best of our abilities. Some days will be great, we’ll get so much accomplished we feel on top of the world. Some days will we survive the day and that will be our accomplishment. We have to make peace with time to find happiness in life. The days may be long, but the hours are short.

Dear Time,

Thank you for all you allow me to do.

Explicit language is not needed.



Dear Time... A Love-Hate Relationship

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Lives in a cozy 2 bedroom apartment, with her boyfriend and cat, in Nova Scotia. When she is not working to pay the bills she enjoys reading, crafting, trying to keep plants alive, fuzzy socks, tea, avocados, thinking about making healthy food, curling up with her cat to watch a good show and occasionally yoga. Perfectionism be damned, this girl is going to write a blog with the help of her cousin deer.

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