Why Having Younger Siblings is the Best!

Why Having Younger Siblings is the Best!

Younger siblings are the best, there is no one you love more and there is no one who can push your buttons quite like them. There is a special responsibility that comes with being an older sibling that I wouldn’t trade for the world. Joce Deer and I both have younger siblings that we love dearly. Here are a few reasons why having a younger brother or sister is the best.

You have a built in best friend

Through all of life’s ups and downs you know you have someone you can count on through anything. My baby sister (who is 23 and not a baby…) and I are totally different people and have had our occasional differences, but no matter 334981_10150627000836959_2139085519_owhat she’s still my very best friend. Growing up was the same. Moving and leaving friends behind is always tough but when you know your best friend is moving with you it seems easier.

There is another human in the world who knows what it’s like to have your parents

Sometimes it feels like my sister and I were raised by different people because we’re so different. However, it is a wonderful feeling to know that there is someone else who grew up in the same home as you and understands your point of view in a way no one else can. You don’t have to explain why you reacted a certain way because they already understand your experience that lead up to that point. And when you have an argument with your parents you know they’ll have your back since you’re always a united front against a common enemy (sorry mom/dad… love you)!


Sharing clothes!

1914788_432166066958_7787227_nThis was not always my favourite thing. Growing up things used to disappear from my closet and suddenly reappear in my sisters. To this day when we’re in the same place I make a point of reminding her which toothbrush is mine… just in case. HOWEVER now, when we visit each other in our respective cities, an outfit or two will undoubtedly be exchanged. One of my favourite dresses I own one from my sister.

A constant source of inspiration

Younger siblings can be a constant source of inspiration. My little sister is an incredible human who goes after everything she wants in life with such grace and style. Every time we talk she has some new adventure to share. It is amazing to watch her and she continuously inspires me to be a better person.

Why having a younger sister is the best

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