Start Your Day Right – Why Morning Exercise is the Best!

Start Your Day Right – Why Morning Exercise is the Best!

There are very few things I enjoy more than being a ‘morning person’. The ability to start my day off on a positive note without struggling to get up is something I am so glad for. Morning exercise is my favourite way to get ready for the day. Here are some of my favourite things about exercising in the mornings and why you should love it too!

The ‘exercise high’ keeps you going all day

Think back to your last serious workout and how great you felt afterwards. Moving your workout to the beginning of your day allows that awesome feeling or ‘exercise-high’ to carry you through the day. I always feel a surge of energy after my morning run that makes the rest of my day just fly by. Plus it feels so amazing to know that you set a goal for yourself to get up when you could just stay in bed. You’ll spend the day proud of your choice to make yourself a priority.

It’s done.

No one enjoys having tasks hanging over their heads all day. When you add your workouts to your to-do list they very quickly begin to feel like another chore. Instead, morning exercise can turn a chore into one less item to think about during the day! Getting your workout out of the way early in the day leaves room in the evenings for last minute plans with friends, or curling up with your family. As a bonus walking your dog after work doesn’t have to count as your workout – it’s just an extra bit of exercise to top off your day.

You set your self up for a healthy day

I feel so much more motivated to eat well and look after myself when I’ve started my day with a workout. It seems like I owe it to myself to not mess-up my great start. Plus as someone who tends not to eat breakfast (bad I know) morning exercise forces me to eat when otherwise I might wait until lunch.  (full discloser – I ran this morning. I also had cookies and chips for dinner. Ah well… you can’t win ’em all!)

In the summer it’s so much cooler in the mornings

France is experiencing a bit of a heat wave this week and it has been unbearable. I ended up missing my Monday run because I had planned to go after school… No way was that possible! 6:00am is still warm enough to run while being able to find a cooler breeze and more shade. By the time I leave school at 5:00pm just the 5 minute walk home is enough to roast you. Morning exercise saves me from being a puddle on the sidewalk! Plus you can roll right out of bed and into your running clothes, then treat yourself with a nice cool shower before heading out the door to work/school.


What are your favourite things about morning exercise? What is your favourite morning workout?


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