Quick Fixes….don’t exist!

Quick Fixes….don’t exist!

Were you putting all your eggs in a quick fix basket? Maybe you’ve already discovered that they don’t exist. Or maybe you keep discovering it time and time again like myself. But let me shout it from the roof tops so maybe I have a better chance of remembering it in the future.


My closets, cupboards and bookshelves are filled with my own attempts at a quick fix. That workout program that promised to deliver results in a week. That self-help book that was going to fix your life. That direct sales business that was going to solve all your money problems. That meal plan that was going to make you fit into your jeans from high school again within 2 weeks. That juicer from your one time juice fast. That blog that was going to make money right away. You name it and I’ve probably got in in my apartment or donated it to charity in a spring clean out.

Likely you’ve seen or tried some for yourself, and some of us have tried a lot of them. We get drawn in by the words offering us a fix to a problem we believe we have. We may feel uncomfortable with our body size, unfit, unhealthy, unmotivated, broke (money wise), broken (mentally) or like we are just taking up space better left to those who have it together (whether people who have it together exist or not is another story).

You thought that all you had to do was open that exercise video, self-help, cookbook, box etc. and magic would pour out of it and solve your problem for you. I mean the advertisements are convincing. They have all those magic words that make you believe it can be true.

Let me save you the time and money and share with you the two things I have discovered in my search for a quick fix:

Everywhere I go there I am: while I may read, or hear whatever magic these supposed quick fixes are spewing, if I can’t internalize it and shift my thinking I am absolutely not going to be fixed. Because inevitably I will run into pieces of my current self again, the one who is comfortable never leaving the couch. Which brings me to point # 2

You actually have to work…at all things: it takes work, practice and patience to shift your thinking, develop a new habit, get yourself off the couch and into the lifestyle you want. I may be preaching to the choir here but let me say it again: IT WILL NOT BE EASY! THERE ARE NO QUICK FIXES LIKE THAT! Anyone who tells you any different is not your friend.

I don’t care if it is business or personal, as far as I can tell they just plain don’t exist. If you’ve got one please let me know because I have spent (wasted) years of my life searching for one.

The reality of real and lasting change is a slow and steady pace; one foot in front of the other. Patience (blah), hard work and practice. First you must decide for yourself on a deep level that you are ready for change. Even when you are ready for that change it will not happen overnight. It will take TIME. It will take smalls steps leading up towards your bigger goal. The bigger the change needed the smaller the steps should be. And that can be challenging, to hold yourself back and remember to care for yourself along the way.

I usually approach life with the ‘all in or out’ method. Which has yet to work out for me long term. If I radically change a chunk of my life I inevitably fall back into old patterns when I grow weary from pushing forward at a ridiculous rate. Small steps and building up habits works better for to find any lasting change. Even though I hate the thought of that process. I am trying to learn to feel okay with it.

To be clear I am absolutely not saying don’t even bother trying, I am saying go in with eyes wide open and a real desire to work towards the change you seek. And maybe start small.

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Recently moved to the West Chicago Suburbs from the east coast of Canada. While she misses the salty ocean air she's doing her best to keep it somewhat together. When she isn't writing or looking for a job she enjoys; reading, fuzzy socks, tea, cat naps, Netflix with her cat and dreaming up new ideas. She keeps practicing staying hopeful through the bad days that there is some good to come, and hopefully some yummy food too!

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