Inspirational Quote Book

Inspirational Quote Book

One of my favorite non-crafty crafts is making an inspirational quote book.

This can be done with minimal materials; a blank note book of your choosing (I prefer one without lines), a pair of scissors, a printer with regular paper and glue!

Inspirational quote book

Just print and cut out your favorite quotes, and glue them in any formation you’d like on the pages. Sometimes I will group quotes together by theme, for example all dog related quotes on a page.

I like to leave some blank pages to add more as new inspiration strikes! It is wonderful to look back on if you are feeling low or need some extra motivation. And even better as a gift to a friend!

Good places to start looking for beautiful inspirational quotes is a Google Images search for quotes and Pintrest. You will find so many great boards full of quotes! You can start with this –Found: Inspiration, a board where I have collected some of my favorites!

Who you travel with quote  stop the glorification of busy quote     raise your voice not your words quote  terrifying and amazing quote

Inspiration Quote Book

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