My Favorite Products to Relieve Dry Itchy Skin

My Favorite Products to Relieve Dry Itchy Skin

I don’t use a lot of make up daily or stick to my skin care routine all the time. But one thing I do know a lot about is dry, itchy skin. The skin on my arms, stomach and legs can get really itchy. I’ve been to the point before that I could cry after showering because my legs are so dry and itchy. It’s not as bad as that any more, since I found these products. I still have days where I scream internally from the unrelenting itchiness, because lets face it I don’t always feel like putting lotion on. These are some of my favorite products and tips to relieve dry itchy skin!

LUSH Snowcake and Miranda Soap

Shower gels make my skin cry. I have tried so many of them, all promising to help with dry skin, and haven’t found one that doesn’t make me want to rip my skin off yet. These solid soaps from LUSH are my saviors. Snowcake is a Christmas product that keeps coming back. And I for one am glad! If they took this product away there would be an uprising. This creamy soap is packed with soothing rose and benzoin resinoid. I don’t know which ingredient does it but this soap makes my dry, itchy skin sing! I stock up A LOT at Christmas time. My local LUSH store must think I am bathing the whole neighborhood. This product is only available at Christmas time, and I am sorry to be telling you about it now. It is too good not to share, and now you will be prepared for your mission when Christmas comes.

products to relieve dry itchy skin

If I run out of Snowcake or my skin is less dry and itchy, I LOVE the Miranda soap. It is my top choice for a spring/summer soap. It smells delicious, makes me feel squeaky clean, and is still creamy enough to keep my skin from rebelling. Fruity smells are among my favorite, the kiwi and bergamot in this soap deliver for my nose. The kiwi cleanses and brightens, and the bergamot soothes. Since it is not Christmas time as I am writing this post, I would suggest you run out to your nearest LUSH and fill your basket with Miranda soap today!

Products to relieve dry itchy skin

ABC Arbonne Baby Care Body Lotion

Any dry, itchy skin sufferer knows your best tool is a good body lotion. I look for a lotion that doesn’t have a lot of extra ingredients. Any heavily scented products upset my skin. I found this Baby Care Body Lotion from Arbonne and all my lotion dreams have come true. It is formulated to be safe enough for baby’s skin, as you may have guessed by the name, and that means my overly sensitive, cranky skin is happy too. This lotion is full of shea butter, aloe and chamomile. Ingredients that make me (and my skin) smile. Tip: Put lotion on daily to help skin stay moisturized and avoid drying out (which leads to more itchiness). I don’t do it every day but try to a few times a week. Anything is better than nothing!

Products to relieve dry itchy skin

Whipped Coconut Oil

I picked some up at a Christmas craft fair that had the most heavenly satsuma scent. I really am a sucker for anything citrus scented. The best part about this product is there is only one ingredient, but of course you can add a skin safe fragrance or essential oil if you wish. You can make this at home, directions can be found here. A natural way to help relieve dry itchy skin! Once I run out I will be attempting to make my own. Tip: It is great for dry hands too. I try to remember to put it on before bed, so it has a chance to sink in instead of being washed away.

eos Shaving Cream

Ban of my existence. If there is one thing the skin on my legs hates more than a shower, it’s shaving. A lot of the shaving gels from the drugstore make my skin crawl just thinking about them. No matter what they claim I have always found that they dry out my skin even more. Luckily I have found two shaving creams that make the whole process more bearable. eos Shave Cream has shea butter and conditioning oils that help to keep your skin moisturized while shaving. Most importantly, it is NOT a gel. Tip: I would not recommend shaving dry for someone with dry, to the point of itchy, skin problems.

Products that help relieve dry itchy skin

Let us know what products and tips work for you to relieve dry itchy skin!

My favorite products to relieve dry itchy skin

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