Simplify Your Life -Cleaning up your inbox

Simplify Your Life -Cleaning up your inbox

We are bombarded with emails constantly in this day and age, and expected to get back to work or personal emails at a moment’s notice (which is a whole other issue). Emails quickly build up and we become overwhelmed trying to sift through them. Inboxes get so crowded we can no longer find the important emails. Instead of pulling out your hair, it’s time to take action and clean up your inbox. 

Simplify your Inbox:

READ IT OR CHUCK IT -If you aren’t going to read it right away or during email time toss it. You aren’t going to magically have a bunch of stored up time to read all the emails you stored away later. Let go of the Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) and thinking it will be useful later (9.9 times out of 10 it won’t be). Read it during email time or chuck it!

UNSUBSCRIBE – Continually deleting the same emails from websites or companies? Unsubscribe from anything you rarely read or open and anything that doesn’t add value. Think of all the time you’ll save not having to sort through and delete all those emails you never open. As soon as you see one of these emails come in, find that unsubscribe button and say see ya never!

FILE AWAY -Some emails we can’t delete. Those emails belong filed away. Having a place to group relevant emails together helps you to be able to find them later or at the very least cleans up your inbox. Bonus if you email system allows you to set up rules for emails from a certain sender to automatically go to the correct file without having to do the filing manually.

TAKE ACTION -Emails that come through usually require you read them, respond to them or give you a task. Take some action right away so it doesn’t get lost in the shuffle. If all you need to do is read it after you are done chuck it or file it away. If the email requires a response that you can give back get it done before it even makes it onto your never ending to-do list. If there is a task you need to complete before you can respond make sure it goes on your to-do list so you don’t forget about it. Take action and don’t let the emails build up!

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EMAIL TIME -You don’t have to respond to everything the moment it comes in, because then we may never actually get anything else done during the day except for checking, reading, filing and answering emails. Set time aside, at work, at home, wherever those emails are coming to, to deal with your emails. Deal with them during email time and then you can focus on your other tasks outside of email time. And don’t forget it is okay to take some days off from emails too. Step back from them and breathe that none email infested air!

Simplify your life -cleaning up your inbox

In the overwhelming world we live in there is beauty in simplicity.

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Lives in a cozy 2 bedroom apartment, with her boyfriend and cat, in Nova Scotia. When she is not working to pay the bills she enjoys reading, crafting, trying to keep plants alive, fuzzy socks, tea, avocados, thinking about making healthy food, curling up with her cat to watch a good show and occasionally yoga. Perfectionism be damned, this girl is going to write a blog with the help of her cousin deer.

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