Soy Jar Candles -tips and tricks

Soy Jar Candles -tips and tricks

Candle making can be really fun! With all the choices of jars, colors and fragrances the combinations are endless. They are great gifts for friends and family. You can choose colors and scents to match any occasion! They are also popular at craft fairs. Village Craft and Candle sells a kit ‘Business in a Box Candle Kit -Soy‘ that provides everything you need to make a stock of tealights, votive candles and jar candles you could sell at local craft fairs or from your home.

While frosting/blooming can be more visible when the candles are colored, it doesn’t affect any burning or scent throw properties of the candle.

You can make a basic soy jar candle by microwaving soy wax and using essential oils. A lot of the tools needed for this are likely already in your kitchen. But if you want to take your candle making to the next level with color and fragrance read on for more Soy Jar Candle Tips!




Soy wax


Pour pot

Thermometer –Candy Thermometer


Soy wax color

Measuring spoons (stainless steel)

Electric melting pot –Presto Kitchen Kettle Multi-Cooker (the price seems crazy for but you can’t find them cheaper anywhere else in Canada, as far as I know. Village Craft and Candle sells them but their price is higher)

Kitchen Scale

Measuring cup

Optional: Wick Stickums, Wick Clips, Wooden Stir Sticks


What to do (and Soy Jar Candle Tips):

Check out the simple soy jar candle post for directions on how to measure out the amount of wax needed for the jar(s) you choose and choosing the proper wick size for your jar(s).

1- Use a wick stickum to attach your wick to the bottom of the jar, in the middle. Wick stickums are very handy if you are making a lot of candles. Rather than waiting for a hot glue gun (and dealing with all the stringy bits) or rushing around after you have some wax melted, wick stickums are always ready to go! You simply peel off one sticky side and place it on the bottom of the wick, then peel off the other sticky side to secure it to the bottom of the jar. If the jar opening is small you can use a wooden stir stick or utensil to press around the base of the wick to make sure it it properly secured.

If possible I recommend placing the wick in your jar before you start melting the wax to avoid running around at the last second when you should be pouring your wax (especially if you are making a number of candles at once)

Wick Stickum
Wick Stickum on the bottom of a wick

2- After you measure out the proper amount of wax place it in your Presto Kitchen Multi Cooker. You can also use the double boiler method with your pour pot. Place the wax in your pour pot and then place your pour pot in a large pot half full to 3/4 full of water (depending on the size of your pour pot). I usually set my stove temperature around 7 or 8. I LOVE my Presto Kitchen Multi Cooker. It melts the wax much quicker than in a double boiler, it is easier to control the temperature and can hold more than enough wax to fill a large pour pot.

Generally speaking you want to melt down all the wax without being above 160 °F for any length of time. Please read and follow the melt directions on the wax you purchase as they can vary. Place your thermometer in the the Presto Kitchen Cooker or pour pot to monitor the wax temperature.

Presto Kitchen Multi cooker for candles
Presto Kitchen Multi Cooker
soy jar candle tips
Double boiler with a pour pot

3- Once all the wax bits are melted down you are ready to pour it into your pour pot (or simply remove your pour pot from the double boiler). To make sure the color melts fully I like to place it in the pour pot before the wax. Color can be sold in liquid or solid, I find the solid easier to work with. Add as much or a little color as you like, usually one square per pound of wax is the recommended amount (I always use less as I enjoy the pastel colors).

Soy wax comes out a frosted, pastel color. Keep in mind you will need to add more color to achieve a darker final color. It will look darker in the pour pot while the wax is hot than once it sets. You can test the color by dabbing a bit from your stir stick onto a white surface. The small amount will dry quickly so you can see what color you will be left with. Stir to help the color dissolve.

Soy jar candle tips
Thermometer, color pieces and wooden stir stick in a pour pot
Coloring soy candles
Once you pour the wax in the color will start to dissolve.

4- Once the wax cools to 140 °F you can add your fragrance. As soy wax can be a bit more finicky with fragrance a lot of places will sell soy wax tested fragrances and those are your best bet without having to test a bunch yourself. Fragrance for soy wax is uaully 35-50ml per pound. Directions should come with the fragrance but these are good guide lines if they don’t. Calculating how much to add: Approximately 454 grams in 1 pound. Grams of wax used/454. Multiply the number you get by the ml/lb amount of fragrance you need.

Stir until the temperature is around 115 °F, it may start to turn to a slushie consistency. I usually do this one handed while watching a show as it can take awhile with a full large pour pot (about 4 lbs of wax).

soy jar candle tips
Color fully dissolved

5- Once you have reached 115 °F you can pour the wax into your jar. This is simple and only get complicated when you are preparing a number of candles for sale. To make sure all the candles are poured to the same height pick a ridge on the jar or place elastic bands around your jars to mark where you will pour to.

soy jar candle tips
Pouring the wax into the jar

6- To keep your wick centered and taught while the wax sets use a wick clip. If you don’t have one you can also wrap the wick around a pencil to hold it in place. I like wick clips as they are easy to use when you have a large number of candles and hold the wicks better than a pencil.

blue soy jar candle
Wick clip

7- Let your candle set for 24 hours before burning.

Blue soy jar candle
As the wax sets you can see the color of the candle is lighter than it looks above


Soy Jar Candle Tips

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  • Josefina says:

    Hi! I made soy wax candles and two things happened =(

    1) The finish wasn’t as neat as yours (lumps and holes at the surface and inside)
    2) When lit, the melted wax or pool was too deep, almost half of the jar….

    How can I avoid this?


    • Joce Deer says:

      Hi Josefina! Soy wax can be tricky and there is a number of things that could be causing these problems.
      1- Did you add any color or scent? If you add more of these than the wax can handle this can affect the finish and burning of the candle.
      2- For a smoother finish I always try to wait until the wax has cooled to around 110°F-115°F while constantly stirring. The stirring helps to make sure that anything you have added stays well mixed and waiting till it cools to the appropriate temperature helps the candle settle smoother.
      3- You need to let the candle set for over 24 hours before burning it or the burn pool will be too deep.
      4- If when you were melting the wax you burnt it this can also affect the burn properties and finish. Did you microwave or melt on a stove?
      Let me know if any of these could be the culprit or if you think it would be something else!

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