All in or out - Oh dear, DEER!

We Are Here. Again.

We Are Here. Again.

We planned on starting this post with a big declarative statement saying “and we’re back” however we’ve done that before and look how that turned out. So instead we will say

We Are Here”.

We may not be sure of where here is but we’re committed to figuring it out, slowly, cautiously and optimistically – with hopes of not getting so wrapped up in where we want this to go that we forget to enjoy the journey along the way.

When we threw up our hands in exasperation at the end of last summer, we had both gotten to a point where we felt like the blog was taking over our lives. If we weren’t promoting it, coming up with new ways to make a few cents, or forcing ourselves to write about things we weren’t even sure we wanted to write about we felt like we were failing.

Failing to be good at blogging, failing to turn it into something viable, failing each other and failing ourselves.

What started out as a love of writing and a way to keep in touch over the Atlantic Ocean quickly turned into something so big and important that it felt suffocating. It seemed like a better idea to take a break rather than continue resenting our little project we had started together for fun. 

So now, almost nine months since our last post here and with a little more wisdom and patience (ha), we’re doing our best to start slow and carve out a space for ourselves to keep dreaming. Thank you for joining us again…


All in or out -July Blogging Challenge

All in or out -July Blogging Challenge

We made it past the halfway mark! I don’t know about you deer readers, but I wasn’t sure we would even make it this far. I know that’s not very positive thinking, but with the lull we had recently and my own personal track record for sticking with projects it was questionable at best. I am pleased to say, even on the days it wasn’t our post going up, we both managed to write something and a post has gone up every. damn. day. One day was down to the wire for me, and maybe the post went up at 12:01 AM, but that still counts in my books! It is amazing what you can accomplish when you decide to make something a priority and not accept any excuses. And you’ve gotta love it to stick with it. It’s been awhile, and I am glad to be reminded that, with a little help, I can stick with it.

All in or out -Overwhelmed and Overexerted

All in or out -Overwhelmed and Overexerted

Regulating myself is hard. When I take on a new project I dive in head first. Sometimes I forget about myself. I am so busy with my newest passion it consumes me. And that can be okay, but minutes can turn into hours, and I’ve forgotten to eat, hours can turn into days and I’ve forgotten to do laundry, dishes or talk to people. I’ve spent a good deal of time overwhelmed and overexerted. 

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