School - Oh dear, DEER!

Pastry School Update!

Pastry School Update!

I was looking back over some old posts and couldn’t believe how long ago my pastry school update was! It feels like just yesterday that school was starting and it’s hard to imagine that we’ve only got three weeks of classes left before review and exam. So, on that note I thought I’d share a bit of what I’ve been up to the last few months!

I Live With Chickens. Sort Of.

So I moved to France (as I sit in Belgium writing this post)

C and I left our home in Geraardsbergen, Belgium, yesterday (Friday) afternoon to drive to my apartment in Plaisir, a 20 minute train ride from Paris. The typically 3 hour drive took close to 4 hours between cars driving the wrong way on the highways (I thought I was back in Saudi!) and the traffic around the outside of Paris.

Moving to Europe in T – 21 Days

Moving to Europe in T – 21 Days

In exactly three weeks from today I will be waking up on a plane landing in Brussels. While always exciting, this is not a new experience. Except that this time I don’t have a return ticket because I am moving to Europe. (Standby freakout.¬†Freakout go.)

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