The Life of a Cat – advice from Oscar

The Life of a Cat – advice from Oscar

The life of a cat

The Life of a Cat

-as told by Oscar

Life is getting too hard, I just want to be a cat Click To Tweet

Adventure out (even if it is winter – just make sure someone packs the snow down for you first):

Always be on the look out for snacks (especially people snacks – like Cheetos):

When life is getting you down, keep looking up (even if someone has put a silly tutu around your neck):

If life gets really scary it’s okay to hide out for a while (bath tubs and bags make good hiding places):

It is all right to have lazy days – where you don’t even get out of bed: It's all right to have lazy days - where you don't even get out of bed Click To Tweet

Relax and do some yoga whenever you can (falling asleep during savasana is okay, throwing up hairballs on the yoga mat is frowned upon):

Always make time for naps:

Strut your stuff when you go out:

And don’t cry over spilt milk – lap it up instead! And enjoy life to the last drop!

For more life advice from Oscar see Part 2 HERE! 

The Life of a Cat -Advice from Oscar- Part 1



*Today’s post was originally going to be about stretches to try if you sit and stare at a computer all day. However I had fluff for brains yesterday and couldn’t get my life together so I decided that in keeping with the fluff theme I would post about my cat (who is full of fluff and fur).

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