‘Just’ Another Blog Post

‘Just’ Another Blog Post

Of all the words in the English language the one I’ve come to dislike the most lately is the word ‘just’. It belittles the point we are trying to make and whether or not you realize it you are making yourself seem small and unimportant.

We say….

I ‘just’ wanted to check in but will you be…..

I ‘just’ wanted to clarify….

I ‘just’ wanted to ask….

As if somehow the word ‘just’ makes us seem less threatening? Are we really that afraid to stand up for ourselves and if necessary ruffle some feathers? You need that clarification to complete a work task or trying to find out how many people to make a reservation for. You deserve an answer and there is no need to, consciously or unconsciously, lower your own self worth to get one.

We can so easily fall into the habit of using this filler word, that brings no meaning other than a disservice to ourselves. I find myself constantly re-reading blog posts to edit out the word ‘just’, and using it a lot in everyday life if I don’t watch myself. When I make a conscious effort to watch for the word I can see the feelings attached to the times I want to use it. If I am not feeling particularly confident and I have to talk to someone above me in the workplace, or feel like the person I need to talk to will be annoyed to hear from me I pull out the ‘just’. And I am reflecting my perceptions of the situation to the other person by using that word. I try to lower myself to appease a real or imagined issue, when either way I still deserve their respect and my own. Repeatedly using this word is sending a message to yourself of your own unimportance and is a habit worth breaking.

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But this is ‘just’ my opinion 😉

The word 'just'

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Lives in a cozy 2 bedroom apartment, with her boyfriend and cat, in Nova Scotia. When she is not working to pay the bills she enjoys reading, crafting, trying to keep plants alive, fuzzy socks, tea, avocados, thinking about making healthy food, curling up with her cat to watch a good show and occasionally yoga. Perfectionism be damned, this girl is going to write a blog with the help of her cousin deer.

  • Amy Scott says:

    Believe it or not this word has become a source of contention in my marriage lately. And your sentiments are exactly mine. Just embodies belittlement and minimization! GREAT post!

    • Joce Deer says:

      I believe it! This word can be an issue for many different relationships.
      Thank you!
      Putting it down into words and seeing it every couple days has made me more aware of the issue and making an effort to break it.

  • Ugh. I am soooooo guilty of this one and was “just” thinking about the exact same thing!

    • Joce Deer says:

      So tough to break up with this habit! Practice and patience (two things I don’t particularly care for)! I am beyond guilty most days and sometimes think about it and use it anyway!

  • “Just” and “sorta.” I *try* to remove both from my writing…when re-reading the finished product. Sometimes I can and sometimes I can’t. They just sorta make things easier, ya know??

  • I’ve never thought about it this way! I use “just” a lot, and usually when I don’t want to seem annoying or overbearing. I’ve tried to stop using the word “sorry” when I’m not actually sorry, but I’ve never thought about “just” so now I think I’m going to watch for it. Great post! 🙂

    • Joce Deer says:

      Yes! I am guilty of using ‘sorry’ too, all.the.time. I need to reign in the sorrys. I also use it when I’m not actually sorry and when the situation doesn’t even have anything to do with me…the people pleaser in me prevails.

  • Guilty! I am just so guilty. I catch myself and still sometimes do it anyway. “So” is my other word. It’s not a measure of amount but it is when I use it.

    • Joce Deer says:

      Me too! When I catch myself I always think can I live without using ‘just’ in this sentence, and sometimes I can’t!

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