Top 3 Reasons to Become a Morning Person!

Top 3 Reasons to Become a Morning Person!

Being a morning person is the best! I can’t imagine how people go through life struggling everyday to wake up in the morning. Or being someone who can stay awake until 2 or 3 am to sleep until noon, losing half of your day. Waking up without an alarm clock and feeling ready for the day is awesome. Here are some of the best things about being a morning person.

Setting an alarm is a precaution, not a necessity.

Waking up to a blaring alarm clock is no way to start your day off on the right foot. Going to bed early enough to be well rested and allow your body to wake up naturally is such a great feeling. I always set my alarm as a precaution if I have somewhere to be in the morning, but it is very rare that I am not awake before it goes off. Try to take the time between waking up and your alarm going off check in with yourself before you get up for the day.

You will get things done before most people are even awake.

It is such a boost to get tasks accomplished early in the day, that way your to-do list is not hanging over your head all day. The sooner you tackle your work the sooner it’s done and you can enjoy your day.

 Getting up early allows you extra ‘me time’.

Take the time in the mornings to go for a run or catch up on the news. There are fewer people out and about early in the day and it’s nice to have some peace and quiet to get you started with the right attitude. Morning workouts are my favourite thing about being a morning person because then you’re done for the day! There’s no more guilt over not heading to the gym after work/school since your workout was already fit into your day.


It may be hard to adjust at first but I promise once you become a morning person you’ll never look back.  Sleeping until noon will be a thing of the past once you realize how much more you can get done in the mornings!

What are your favourite things about the mornings?



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